External resources#

Here are some recommended resources that deal with Cerberus. If you find something interesting on the web, please amend it to this document and open a pull request (see How to Contribute).

Community forums#

There’s a cerberus tag on the Question & Answers platform Stackoverflow. The Google Group regarding the mother project Eve may also a spot to seek these.

7 Best Python Libraries For Validating Data (February 2018)#

Clickbait that mentions Cerberus. It’s a starting point to compare libraries with a similar scope though.

Nicola Iarocci: Cerberus, or Data Validation for Humans (November 2017)#

Get fastened for the full tour on Cerberus that Nicola gave in a talk at PiterPy 2017. No bit is missed, so don’t miss it! The talk also includes a sample of the actual pronunciation of Iarocci as extra takeaway.

Henry Ölsner: Validate JSON data using cerberus (March 2016)#

In this blog post the author describes how to validate network configurations with a schema noted in YAML. The article that doesn’t spare on code snippets develops the resulting schema by gradually increasing its complexity. A custom type check is also implemented, but be aware that version 0.9.2 is used. With 1.0 and later the implementation should look like this:

def _validate_type_ipv4address(self, value):
        return False
        return True